the sky brings harmony

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I've been a fan of reborn since the kokuyo arc ended (before the popularity boom). luckily, that means I have art from sites that have been long since closed.

sources noted whenever possible. please message me if you find a source for an image.

NOTE: If sources are not noted, then chances are the site is no longer active or closed. I'm using this tumblr as an archive so that great fanart doesn't get lost in obscurity.

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..I imagine G would get me to be a more productive boss!

As for the others…well, it shouldn’t be any different but back in those days that would be considered a harem!


(probably gonna stop coloring now lol)







but I would judge them by their grammar.

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because I’m mad no one made it before. LOL

go all out…or something.


pantless giotto is best.

or there was, but they changed the url.

who was it. someone make an “askprimo” account or something so I can ask giotto questions!!!!!!

or else I’ll make it myself……… (this is a threat!)